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ERP solutions integrate key business and management processes and modules driving the organizations business along a seamlessly integrated plain. ERP integrates fragmented business operations, often replacing multiplicity of legacy systems in the process and hence eliminating redundancy and hence increasing the overall efficiency of the whole process. The ERP initiative involves a fundamental change in business operations focused on the following aspects of an enterprise: channel management, supply chain optimization, demand forecasting and other operations that can maximize customer service levels, minimize inventory levels and control other costs. These applications can be dramatically changed by examining overall business processes, re-thinking organizational authority and responsibilities, and selecting and implementing appropriate ERP applications to focus on these areas.

Shri Groups Technologies Advantage

Shri Groups Technologies has experience in building and implementing customizing ERP packages .

Shri Groups Technologies provides an entire range of end-to-end services by means of its including business process optimization, product implementation, customization, developing interface tools between ERP tools and other systems, and optimization and support of ERP implementation. Shri Groups Technologies has also set up competence centers for building, execution and implementing the different ERP packages



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