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BPO for Shri Groups Technologies has been an integral part to the service offerings it has made to the ITES industry. Drawing from it’s wealth of experience in this industry our source of insight into the fast-changing services market is what it takes out clients to plan, execute and manage sourcing strategies that enhance their productivity and portability to an incredible extent. Working with Shri Groups Technologies clients has also acknowledged our assistance in improving their organization’s operational and financial performance.

We have an in depth understanding of processes for speedy operationalization and smooth transition to offer BPO services for our Clients in various fields and departments in an offshore model.

Almost all of our current clients in this domain are from English speaking places
We have a team of 10 designers and 25+ DTP professionals now and which is    rapidly growing.

We enhance efficiency and speed of delivery in 24 x 7 cycles.

We have a powerful software application tool internally developed, which is the key to successfully managing the workflow in offshore mode. The software tool is highly efficient & customizable workflow management platform which automates the entire process of DTP from handling assets in central repository, task allocation & monitoring, quality check & approval and final delivery.

Attention Java Professionals,

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